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Our Team

Deep Team of Experienced Investors

Eberhard Cramer was created to combine institutional investment best practices with the client-centric, performance-oriented culture of a nimble, independent firm.

We have a deep team of specialized experts across public and private markets, many of whom gained their experience at top investment firms. Consultants, brokers, and relationship managers responsible for managing your money don’t have the same hands-on, security-level investment experience that our team members possess.

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. J Smyth

Green Renewable Products

Mrs. Hilary-Charlotte Jones | Mr. Michael Giro

Bonds, ISAs, General Investments

Mr. Felix Craft | Mr. Anton Walter, PhD

Asset Allocation & Analytics

Mr. Tony Barrett, CFA

Hedge Funds

Mr. Lewis Woods  | Mr. Max Brown, CFA | Mrs. Louise Walters, CFA

Our team comprises of experienced consultants coming from diverse financial backgrounds. Together, they offer sensible, tailored financial solutions following stringent business code of conduct. Appraisals and informed decisions are made by the client after thorough discussions covering all pros and cons of the opportunity.

Mapping the Opportunity Set

Cash ISAs

Role: Capital Preservation & Modest Income

  • Trusted
  • Low entry level
  • Tax-Free investment up to £20k
  • Starts from £1,000
  • FCA and FSCS protection
Renewable Bonds

Role: 1-5 Year Growth

  • Domestic
  • International
  • Active
  • Passive
  • Sustainable to the environment

Role: Independent Difficult to Replicate Hard Assets

  • Reinsurance
  • Asset-Backed
  • Event-Driven
  • Products that cannot be replicated in the current time frame
  • Co-Investments
  • Worldwide demand market
Property Bonds

Role: Inflation Protected Growth

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • HMO-Bonds
  • Social Houseing
  • Structured investment process
Private Equity

Role: High Growth

  • Venture Capital
  • Growth Equity
  • Large Cap Buyouts
  • Mid & Small Cap Buyouts
  • Special Situations
  • Co-Investments