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Our Philosophy

The legacy you leave is the life you lead and therefore legacy is the residue of a life well lived

Building a portfolio of attractive independent investments, with a focus on avoiding permanent loss of capital and limiting extreme downside volatility, is the key to generating high after-tax compounding of wealth through all economic environments.

We focus on seeking out high-opportunity investments with a rich margin of safety that are independent of one another. Our goal is to construct portfolios with higher expected returns and better downside protection over the investment horizon.

Our elite global investment managers pursue a variety of independent strategies and seek to exploit market inefficiencies and dislocations in their area of specialization. We capitalize on their expertise across the portfolio to assemble an optimal mix of strategies and managers.

Our reputation and presence in the marketplace give us excellent access to the senior management of companies we research. As a result, Eberhard's portfolio managers can rely on our own independent analysis when building their funds. We believe the merits of this approach are clearly demonstrated by the track records of our funds investing in a broad range of asset classes around the globe.