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Investment Areas

Property Bonds

Renewable Energy

We work with leading property developers throughout the UK and EU.

This division is headed up by a successful entrepreneur who combines his love of property with financial acumen and strong ethics.

We believe it is imperative that investors understand the property market and assess the associated risks. This is why we present to you a responsible and sustainable strategy, protection and enhancement of your assets.

We only work with elite property companies that operate in both the UK and overseas.

All investments come with guarantees in the form of the following of either a First/Second charge over the property or Asset-backed, or a bank guarantee.

We offer a number of investments these include:-

  • Property Bond
  • Commercial Lending Bond
  • Loan Notes
  • Rent to Rent
  • HMO's


Investments in Renewal Energy are usually terms of around 1-3 years with high, stable returns and potentially a lower risk than other unregulated assets. Such investments beat inflation and contribute to the local communities by providing not only clean energy but also jobs. Needless to say, the trend of renewable energy investments is only getting stronger.

We have collaborated with UK and EU-based energy companies in a sector that is passionate about working towards a better tomorrow for the future generation.

The average Green Energy bond is now 10X oversubscribed

The companies that we work with all have Power Purchase Agreements in place for a minimum of 20 years.

Areas of investment include

  • Wind Farms
  • Solar Panel Farms
  • Waste to Energy
  • Plastic Reduction
  • Green Renewable Energy Projects


Alternative Investments

Although storing money in a savings account may seem sensible over the long-term, inflation can eat away at your savings.

Investing your money could offer you higher returns than saving your money in a bank account, and could help protect your money from the erosive effect of inflation.

If you want to take advantage of investing your money, but don’t have the time or tools to do it yourself, our leading investment managers can do this for you.

An account which enjoys tax free status, usually deposits with £85,000 Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection

  • Tax efficient: Tax breaks on investment gains mean that you keep even more of your profits.
  • Flexible: Move money in and out of your ISA as you need to, without losing your current annual £20,000 limit or your investment tax breaks.
  • Convenient: Open or transfer existing ISAs with one simple online form.
  • Start today from £1,000.

The Alternative market sector has shown growth over the past 12 months and considerable growth over the past 5-10 years.

Collectibles come in many different forms such as watches, whisky, wine, classic cars, fine art, jewellery, antiques, and pens. A collectible, by its very definition, is something which collectors desire.

In addition to managing total portfolios for investors of all levels and institutions, we also manage capital for investors seeking a focused mandate in a single asset class.

  • Our alternatives department has an experienced team of specialized professionals and a strong track record delivering returns well ahead of competitors and passive indices.
  • We offer highly customized solutions in hedge funds and private investments, covering the full spectrum of strategies, typically not available in the public markets.
  • These areas offer very attractive opportunities given the potential to harvest return premiums that are driven by liquidity, complexity, scarcity, industry fragmentation, regulatory impediments, and barriers to entry.